Stevens sometimes has the most amazing photos of dragonfly's and after spending quite sometime(pun intended) trying to take a photo of one at the weekend, I finally gave up and was content with slow moving bugs. This one was out clinging to the chain wire fence, where I was chasing dragonfly's

My macadamia nut tree must be tasty as this beetle seems to have eaten quite a few leaves.
This is one of those horrible stink beetles. I had finished taking photos and was putting away some groceries when i realised he had hitched a ride on the shopping bag.The mosy is on my arm and just goes to prove how addictive this macro photography is. Yes I did kill it after taking the shot.

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Steven said...

These are great! I've done a few mosquito feeding shots myself and then regret the shot that evening.

Dragonflys can be hit or miss. Some have a tendency to return to the same perch time and time again. Some are curious almost too. I can't get close to some types here at all and others don't mind the camera at all.