Took the plunge and purchased a new camera.

Stuck to Canon as I already have a couple of really good lenses. These are a couple of the first shot I took with it.


Cataract Gorge


Thought I would try some Black & White with some of my Tasmania photos


My late father with his youngest brother many years ago. March 22 was his birthday.


No macro lens with me so this had to do.


Looking for the perfect place to retire to. I didn't realise how difficult this would be. Some nice places around however, when you start to consider services and shopping they turn out not so good. Others are perfect except for the price. It leaves you wondering if the boat has already sailed.


Tulips in China



 The Wall, the most amazing display of the history of  the this area in Tasmania. In the back ground you can see the huge building that houses extremely large panels of wood carvings. No photographs allowed inside.
The eagle is carved from timber. Enlarge and see the difference between it and the chain holding it there. This gives you an idea of the people and animals depicted inside on the panels. It is an ongoing project, and I will visit again in the future if I get a chance.



After 2 much older grand children from my eldest son. This little man is my youngest sons first child making a grand total of 3. There is only 2.5 years between my 2 sons so one was a late starter. We used to wonder if this was the one every time he mentioned a new girlfriend. 
It is an absolute delight after a break of 16 years between the older grandson and him.
 We spent the morning at the local botanical gardens.This is the only time he stopped running. He started the day clean with hat and boots. That is not how his mother got him back I'm afraid.


It's been a long time since I used this blog. So long I had forgotten the sign in email and password. This am started to throw out pages from an old diary and discovered a page with all my passwords and sign in for all the internet pages I use. Obviously wrote them down just before heading to the UK in 2008.