BALLOONS- Woke up early to see if the elusive balloons would come over again today. Was greeted by a lot of fog and mist. So since it was the only view took a few photos of the trees. Decided that the birds might appear so grabbed a drink, made myself comfortable and then realized I could hear the unmistakable sound of the firing of a balloon. .
Went to the other side of the deck and could just make out a red balloon through the mist. The camera on auto wouldn't even focus onto it. As it moved toward a small patch of blue I managed this shot. Yes, very impressed with that, but was surprised when another balloon also appeared and moved towards me.
The fog was also slowly clearing and the balloons were moving towards the sun. Happily snapped away until they disappeared, but I could still hear the noise of a balloon comming from the other direction, but couldn't see anything.
The fog was still quite thick in the valley so I decided it must have been coming from there, when suddenly this appeared from behind the trees. Got some lovely shots as it rose

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