The Road Less Travelled

This is a typical dirt road in country Victoria and they usually lead to a property, not from town to town. Even though when I was younger these were usually my fathers favourite short cuts. So we would bounce along for miles, taking hours longer to reach our destination and there was never anyone in sight to ask directions. Actually that would have been pointless anyway as Dad never turned around unless the road ran out.
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Carly said...

:) When I was very little, my father would sometimes find these little dirt roads, and we would ride along and just laugh and laugh as the car moved over all the pot holes. LOL. It probably didn't do the car much good, but it was great fun. :)

Always, Carly

MyMaracas said...

When my back and I were a good deal younger, my friends and I loved to pile into a Jeep and run the ruts and bumps of dirt roads.

Wonder where this one goes?

Steven said...

Cool. Parts of Texas are like that with little roads that get you where you are going as long as you know how to get there. Fantastic trees.

Anonymous said...

I love back dirt roads, what a great photo. Makes you want to travel on it just to find out where its going.

Nancy said...

How cool! It leads the imagination to wonder just what's beyond...

I like!


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Heh. I love that kind of "short cut," as long as the vehicle can handle the rough road (scooters are NOT good on dirt roads!), I'm in no hurry and have plenty of gas. Neat pic. Well done!

Gattina said...

I wish I could hop along this way instead here in the muddy once ! (which I don't do of course, my poor shoes.)

JAM said...

Although I'm not part of the round robin thingy, I have to say I really like this photo.

Something about it really captures the whole desolate, or isolated would probably be a more correct word there, feeling I've gotten when reading about the outback.

In America, or as me and the President say, 'murrica, we have these nice, contained national parks where, every year folks get eaten by mountain lions and mauled by bears because they just cannot wrap their city brains around the fact that wide open, wild country has animals in it that will kill you.

Others want to take African safaris, I've always wanted to have someone who knows, to take me around Australia.

Great pic.

Anonymous said...

or the gas ran out? Men...LOL! Lovely shot and lovely story :-)