I've been tagged by Jodie at Avinak.

1. Now I have to tell you 8 things about myself.
3. Afterwards 8 other people must be tagged.

1. I like taking photos. (you would never have guessed I know!!)

2. I have 2 Grandchildren who recently went on hols to Fiji with me. (keep trying to convince the youngest son that he owes me 2)

3. I love to travel. ( at the present I'm considering going back to UK to work.)

4. I live in Queensland (the sunshine state)

5. Early morning is my favourite time of the day.

6. Macro photos of bugs and flowers is one of my favourite type of photos.

7. I got bored with blogger, now put more photos on shutterchance underDIGITALPHOTOS

8.I have a scanner and some older photos of Jodie and one will appear here as soon as I can dig them out.

1 comment:

JAM said...

Holy Toledo. What wonderful photos. I can see why Fletcher Christian and the gang wanted to mutiny and stay in Fiji.

That sunset is world-class, and the photo of the bird is tremendous, they're simply beautiful birds. The water lilly is gorgeous.