The round Robin Challenge this week is PINK which happens to be my favourite colour.

I adore baby girls dressed in PINK. Thats because I only have sons I guess, not that I would trade them for anything. This adorable little one is my friends 7 week old grandaughter.

I love PINK sunrises. Taken just outside Crediton Devon UK on a cold frosty morning.

I like PINK flowers and lets face it I can't resist posting at least one macro shot.

The PINK Ribbon DAY in October is my favourite PINK day.

There are a lot of fund raising activities to give finacial support to the
Breast Cancer Council of Australia.

The Brisbane bikers get together and organise a PINK ribbon bike ride and raise thousands of dollars each year. Some of the people from work participated so I went along and took photos. There was just so many bikes you couldn't even try and get a shot of everyone. Brisbane has multiple media outlets as do all cities, yet not one of them covered this worth while event.

His PINK tights are just so attractive.

This was my favourite decorated bike.

I bet his mother never imagined she would ever see him dressed in PINK.

A big PINK ribbon to finish the PINK theme. Please check out all the other PINK ROBINS at
Round Robins


Carly said...

Hi Kerrin

Pink is my favorite color too. :) Lovely pictures, especially the beautiful baby girl. :) The motorcycle made me laugh! I wear pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness day as well.

Always, Carly

Gattina said...

Pink, pink pink (singing false) I see life in pink ! You will see at the end of the day we will all look pink !

Anonymous said...

That pink flower shot is AMAZING! Well done! Mine's up :-)

Anonymous said...

I love all these photos. The baby is just AWWWW and the pink tights made me giggle.

MariesImages said...

These ALL were wonderful, love the baby sweet!....(& the boobs on the bike)lol

Anonymous said...

It doesn't get cuter than babies, but that sunset is lovely and the bike ride is very cool.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I'm tickled pink with the motorcycle shots - what fun! Great sunrise, too. Norton is gonna make me reboot in a sec, so I'll sneak in here that I also love the "rolling" shot in your next entry.

JAM said...

LOVE the pink sunrise and macro shots. The motorcycle photos are nice too, looks like a fun bunch of folks.