This weeks challenge is transportation and this is my first entry with the Round Robins.

TRANSPORTATION- The great adventure of 2005 was going to the UK to work for just on 9 months. We worked in Exeter (Devon ) but stayed in London a few times and during each visit we walked into London via the grand canal. The walk was just lovely and there were lots of different boats that travel along the canal. Most are lived in and serve not only as transport but as their homes.

There was a bus and the usual tour boats of the canals.

The area known as little Venice where there are moorings for the boats.
I didn't get a photo of the restaurant because there were people seated in full view of the camera and I thought it may offend.

Unlike the following fellow who seemed to enjoy having his photo taken and waved as he passed. The following photo was taken from the 21st floor of the Trellick building where we were staying with my partners brother.

They say the grass always looks greener from the other side of the fence and this seemed to be an idyllic way to spend your days, but I assume the mundane things like work and commitments also got in the way.

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Carly said...

Hi Kerrin :)

Welcome to the Round Robin Challenges! I enjoyed your entry very much. You did a lovely job! Keep up the excellent work! I hope you will join us for our next challenge!

All my best, Carly

Karen Funk Blocher said...

As Carly says, welcome to the Robins! I love this series of photos, too - very colorful and evocativew and romantic. Makes me want to go back to England right now. So many associations here. I saw canal boats like these new Stratford Upon Avon, if I recall correctly, and I visited a market in London once that was near a canal. Plus there's the location of Michael Palin's Fish Slapping Dance....

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the RR's! I love the canal boats. We stayed near the canal in Dublin and I regret that we never had the chance to take a boat.

Janet said...

ahhh, I love those shots! Welcome :-)

Suzanne R said...

Very interesting photos! I would love to see that area in person, but you did a great job of taking us there. :-) Welcome to the RR's!

DesLily said...

Now they look like a relaxing way to travel for sure! Great shots!

Steven said...

I love those canal boats. Amazing way to live and to move about. I follow an english blog done by a canal boater:

It's fascinating stuff. Great entry!

Anonymous said...

Love you entry :).

Dornbrau said...

What a cool series!
Welcome to RR.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors! Enjoyed all your photos in fact.