ROUND ROBIN CHALLENGE - Personal Challenge

Yes this was my idea and I have had the hardest time deciding what challenge to use.

Pottery- In 1994 I decided to become a potter. Spent a fortune on equipment, books, a certificate course and a lot of time. Thought about the headings- " the Good, the Bad and the Ugly". But alas, I couldn't come up with a photo to put in the good spot. Still have all the gear and the idea that maybe one day!!!!!!!!

Degree- Yes I have one of those but it doesn't make for interesting viewing.

Weight- Couldn't find a yo yo to take a photo of, they must be out of vogue at the present

So I guess that leaves what was probably my biggest challenge of choice.

Going on a working holiday to another country. -Not such a challenge when your younger but when your ???????

First theres the qualification registration- please read red tape, blunders, lost paper work, fees.
That took 6 months.

Registering with an agency- please read red tape, paper work, medical and medical history (only question NOT asked - "age of toilet training").

Work Permit & Visa -easy

House sitter- save that story for the disaster challenge.

So I ended up working in the city of Exeter in Devon UK for 9 months.

It is not a large city and after a while I realised that often you could see lovely rural views from quite busy areas. A side door to Exeter Cathederal. It is huge and dominates the sky line.

Very reassurring that it's been a few years.

The swans Down Under are black. These were the first of my English whites at Exeter Quay.

Winter was fascinating, with the cold and snow.

Lived in a basement flat, you can see the front door and one window (with the bars). The rest of the house was lived in by the owners, who were the best landlords you could ever hope for.

This is at the main bus depot, where I changed buses to go to and from work. They sent me home early this evening, because if you got snowed in at work ,you just stayed and worked because the chances were that the next shift wouldn't be able to get in.

I managed to travel to heaps of places and rarely stayed still on any days off. Met some wonderful people.
I could have stayed longer but I was homesick, so decided to head home.


Gattina said...

Must have been a wonderful experience for you !

kmm said...

Yes it was just magical at times.

Suzanne R said...

A very interesting entry -- I love your photos and that you met the challenge and conquered it by making it to England for that time.

MariesImages said...

Magnificent side entrance to the cathedral, I wonder what the main entrance looks like??
That sounds like a wonderful experience, I would love to go to Europe for about a month & just take photos of EVERYTHING!
This was a great entry & challenge, thanks~

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I loved reading about this (and enjoyed the photos too, of course1) My favorite shot was the last one. Reminds me of a number of gray days in the UK on my few visits there.

Thanks for the interesting Challenge topic!

Teena in Toronto said...

What an adventure! Nice take on today's theme!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Steven said...

I had wondered where your UK photos came from! Adventurous. Thanks for this challenge, great topic.

Carly said...

Hey Kerrin :)

Beautiful photos darlin. Oh my goodness, what a nightmare all those details were! Fascinating look at what all went into working in the UK. Thank you for sharing. :)Always great entries and photos here.

Always, Carly

TropicRedbird said...

Great entry ... and thanks for the wonderful challenge. The great thing about challenges are that they bring us so much more to reflect on later :D Can't wait to catch your house sitting story!!!