This challenge was suggested by Gina from Gina's Space and I had no trouble deciding to participate as nature is one of my favourite subjects.

Now this is a really broad topic and I really love all that nature encompasses, so I decided to try and stick to one aspect of nature.

But it was so hard trying to decide. I looked at pics from different places and remembered eg. "that was such a lovely morning in Crediton when the sun was rising and there had been a light dusting of snow". And morning is my best time of day.

Then I looked at pics of animals and thought "yes animals are best".
Or should it be the insects that I love to photograph. Most photos are taken in the garden so this would also satisfy my love of flowers and trees.
No it was all too hard, so took the dog for a walk and of course the camera always goes to. Mindy allows me to stop and take photos once she's a bit weary. Yes it has to be the nature that surrounds me every day. The place I tend to take for granted.

The Australian Bush

The little dogs view, she's pretty short.
My view as we walk along.

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Carly said...

Hi Kerrin :)

All your photos are amazing, but there is something about the one with the sunrise that really speaks to me. :) Gorgeous.

Unknown said...

You have some great photos here. I especially love the butterfly on the flowers and the dogs-eye view of the path. Great!

Suzanne R said...

How true, what you say about nature being all around us. Your photos give such a nice view of your natural world!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

These are all great (better than mine this time). The last three are my favorites. And I love the affection with which you describe it all. Well done!

Steven said...

Outstanding! Good round up of nature. The bush shots are neat. Nice light in those. And your butterfly. Excellent.

Brad said...


Very nicely done. The outback reminds me of the Eastern Oregon high desert. The mornings are glorious and the sunsets are bold.